Welcome To My Cleaning App

It all started with a thought of getting a cleaning franchise, but after some research it turned out that a franchise requires substantial amount of money to start with and involves lot of ongoing cost. It was bit demotivating and saddening but an advice made things interesting. An advice of starting a cleaning business, but things are easier said than done.

While doing research we came across different models of cleaning business and how they adversely affect cleaners. Sham contracting in case of contract cleaners, unnecessary cost like lead charges for franchises and waste of time for free lancers.

Even when it came to target maket/customers we realized the entire process of selecting, hiring/booking, explaining and paying is really cumbersome. We thought the need of the hour is to have a platform and a model that can address all these issues faced by cleaners as well as customers.

Process that makes the entire process easy, quick, secure and a model that gives everyone a FAIR GO. This led to the origination of MY CLEANING APP.

Home and small office cleaning industry is marred with sham contracting and lack proper regulations. My Cleaning App provides a level playing field to all cleaning businesses no matter they are Independent Contractor, Free lancers, Franchises or Companies.

We give cleaning businesses a fair go by providing a platform where they can freely communicate as well as negotiate with customers and set their own rate

Responding to quote request, negotiating with potential customers, understanding the requirements of customers, managing the booking schedule and getting paid directly in the bank account can be done at the touch of a finger

My Cleaning App help households and small businesses find and negotiate with all types of cleaning businesses at the touch of a finger.

The whole cumbersome process of selecting the suitable cleaner, explaining your cleaning needs, scheduling cleaning times and making payment is done easily as well as quickly with our platform.

Customers are given a fair go to select, negotiate or just browse through available cleaners without disclosing their information.